At the end of 2012 Oshin Albrecht and I founded the collective 'buren'.
The term ‘buren’ was found in Heidegger’s ‘Building, Dwelling, Thinking’ in which ‘buren’ coincides with building and living. For us buren functions as a noun and as a verb. As an umbrella term for our practice and as a way of working together. The way our work relates to an environment, physically and content-wise. Something that is open for change and transformation. buren is also a third person, the one we deal with and relate to.
Our work consists of performances, videos, texts, photos and installations. We navigate through themes as femininity, community, domesticity, sexuality, labour, popmusic and neoliberal fantasies. These subjects are approached with a sense of irony and humor as well as a future-oriented imagination. Central is the de/re-construction of image and language. We play with different meanings of words, gestures and things, creating objects to be handled as props or presented as art- objects. We create a world in which objects, bodies, words and architecture coincide.

For more information:
buren on video / vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user32778978
or follow us on instagram: burencollective